Endless Dreams
Hey Guys! My name is Sarah and Im 17 and a senior in high school. This blog is pretty much anything I think is cool or that I just love. I want you guys to know that I do suffer from depression so if anyone wats to talk and or open up to me about this stuff I'm hear. Ill take any questions you guys have. Luv ya'll!!!
Endless Dreams

See this photo? This is what true friendship looks like. These two are two of my really amazing friends whom I am glad to have gotten to know over the years. No matter what happens between them they always have each other’s backs. Through thick and thin. Tonight the boy in the picture won his first CIF Championship. The first time my school has ever won a championship football game in over one hundred years. When our team won the game the girl in the photo sprinted over to her best friend where he then proceeded to twirl her around. Both were ecstatic. Times like these make me truly enjoy life. This photograph captures the moment in ways that make me emotional as well as others. Through this photo, their happiness and friendship will forever live on.
I love you Heather and Philip

how fast can you go?! 

Here is for you Deadpool fans.

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Happy Easter to all of you! Let’s eat chocolate, vigilantes ;)

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Poison Ivy - Germany Tour 2014 Pre-Show CommissionAlways fun to add the reds to these essentially grayscale images. Also fun to add in a marker only Batman in there.